NV Chinato d'Erbetti (6)

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Cana’s Feast Chinato D’Erbetti, created by winemaker Patrick Taylor, was inspired by the historic Barolo Chinatos made in Piedmont, and was guided by tradition. Combining time-honored methods in making vermouth, mixed with classic naturopathic extraction-processes for herbal medicines, it has its roots in old-world traditions & folk remedies, as well as gutsy vision & boot-strapping innovation. Infused with over 18 different herbs, spices, and aromatic plants, the base-wine is our own Nebbiolo, barrel-aged for years giving the Chinato a solid foundation. It is then fortified with un-aged brandy distilled by Portland’s Clear Creek Distillery. It’s hand-bottled and made in very small, 30-50 case batches to ensure excellent quality. Try a short pour after dinner as a digestivo or enjoy it mixed into your favorite cocktail.


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